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About Us

Welcome to an exciting world of beautiful homestyle products, creative gifts and eye catching decor!

I have been blessed enough to visit some of the most stunning, picturesque and desirable locations around the world, with a lot of time spent in South East Asia.

Walking through the back streets of Indonesia and finding a whole world of simply amazing, artisanal craft-makers, carpenters and artists has been the most exciting of my life. A huge array of awesomeness was laid out in front of me and I have ever since that moment, been sourcing and selecting wonderful products that I want to share with the world.

These craft-makers treat you like family, absorbing you into their world. Their business, their families and their lives. I am proud to be bringing their handiwork to you and I am sure you will love at least something in our range. There really is something for everyone!

For me I hope that my customers understand the uniqueness of these products. Every product is made by hand not machine, remember that this is not manufactured rubbish, this is artisan craft at its finest!

Every product will be slightly different. This adds character and depth to each item you choose and I hope it fills you with as much happiness as I have got from the process of choosing and being the products to you.

There will be small blemishes, colour differences, size and weight variances and this is part of the character, charm and reality of these products. I hope you enjoy them.

Just a side note, all decorations and decorative items are purely that, decorative and not meant as toys or for children to use.

Our range includes furniture from small decor items up to full size signature pieces, homestyle products to brighten up every kind of home, gift ware and CHRISTMAS! My passion! That includes ducks. Yes Christmas Ducks 🎅🏼

So please come in and browse! Enjoy