New range of products coming very soon....

New Range

Our customers always ask us “what’s coming next” and “what’s new” and with any small business this is always the challenge and the exciting part of finding your feet and growing organically.

We know that having a great range is important, offering a creative selection of fun and interesting products to keep people coming back to us time after time.

Our latest range is the beginning of new things for Giftchicken where we have put together the start of our cement and Jesmonite products for the home. 

we have had great fun learning this craft and made many mistakes along the way but everything we do is done with passion and heart. We will be developing the range to include all sorts of seasonal wonders as well as year round favourites and we will dabble into the world of candles as this is also something our customers love. 

Everything home and all created to help you add that little bit of sparkle and character to your own homes. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.